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How to get Axis Bank Customer ID

How to get Axis Bank Customer ID

Axis Bank Customer ID: A bank customer ID is a unique identification number assigned to each customer by a bank. It is used to differentiate and track individual customers in the bank’s database. The customer ID is a crucial piece of information for banks as it helps them manage customer accounts, track transactions, and provide personalized services.

How to get Axis Bank Customer ID?

If you need to find the Customer ID of any bank account, you have 6 methods available, and you can obtain your bank account’s Customer ID through any one of them.

1. Check your passbook or account statement provided by the bank. Your Customer ID is often mentioned on the first page of the passbook or the account statement.

2. If you have a cheque book for your Axis Bank account, you can find the Customer ID printed on the front page or the top-left corner of the cheque leaf.

3. When you open an account with Axis Bank, they usually send a welcome letter containing essential account details, including the Customer ID.

4. If you have registered for Axis Bank’s internet banking facility, you can log in to your account online. After logging in, your Customer ID might be displayed on the dashboard or under the “Account Information” section.

5. If you have installed the Axis Bank mobile banking app, you might find your Customer ID in the app’s settings or account information.

6. If you cannot find your Customer ID through any of the above methods, you can call Axis Bank’s customer care helpline. The customer care representative will assist you in retrieving your Customer ID after verifying your account details.

How to get customer id of axis bank?

Axis Bank, like many other banks, provides its customers with a unique customer identification number or Customer ID. This ID is crucial for various banking transactions and inquiries.

If you need to find the Customer ID of any bank account, you have 6 methods available which is Passbook or Account Statement, Cheque Book, Welcome Letter, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking App and Customer Care.

How to get customer id in axis bank?

To get your Axis Bank Customer ID, you can follow these steps:-

Find Axis Bank Customer ID through SMS

Here, we are explaining the method of retrieving the Customer ID of an Axis Bank account through SMS. If you send a message from your registered mobile number, you will receive your Axis Bank account’s Customer ID through the SMS.

Step 01. To find your Axis Bank Customer ID through SMS, follow these 5 steps-

Step 02. Ensure that your mobile number is registered with Axis Bank for SMS Banking.

Step 03. Compose a new SMS from the registered mobile number.

Step 04. In the message box, type CustID.

Step 05. Send the SMS to the Axis Bank SMS Banking number. The SMS Banking number may vary based on your location or the services provided by Axis Bank. Typically, the SMS Banking number is a shortcode, such as  56161600.

SMS CUSTID <account-number> to 56161600

Example: CUSTID1234567890