Key Highlights from G20 Summit 2023: PM Modi Announces Consensus on New Delhi Declaration.

G20 Summit 2023 Delhi Declaration Updates

Get the latest updates from the G20 Summit 2023 in Delhi. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces a consensus declaration. 

G20 Summit 2023 Updates 

PM Modi announces the adoption of the G20 Leaders Summit Declaration, highlighting the hard work of all teams in achieving consensus. 

Consensus Declaration Adopted 

PM Modi's call to end the "global trust deficit" and the decision to grant permanent membership to the African Union for a more representative G20. 

Global Trust Deficit 

India's call for unity among G20 nations to address global challenges and move forward together. 

Unity in Diversity 

Insights into the issues being discussed, including divisions over the Russia-Ukraine war and China's role in the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea. 

Divisions and Challenges 

An overview of the challenging negotiations to reach a joint communique, particularly regarding the Ukraine conflict. 

Reaching Consensus 

A comparison of past G20 declarations on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the significance of India's unique approach. 

Historical Context 

Explanation of India's practice of releasing an "Outcome Document and Chair's Summary" in place of a joint declaration and the potential for modification. 

Outcome Document 

Insights into the European Union's reservations about the draft text and the ongoing discussions to address concerns related to Russia's war in Ukraine. 

EU Concerns 

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan's statement on the ongoing negotiations and the possibility of finding common ground on critical issues. 

Ongoing Discussions