What is CEIR system and How it will helpful for mobile users

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CEIR system: The Central Equipment Identity Register is a database system used to track and manage the unique identities of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. CEIR systems are implemented by regulatory authorities or telecommunication companies in some countries to combat mobile device theft, fraud, and unauthorized use.

CEIR service is now available for all India subscribers. Now mobile users can block, track and trace their mobile handset through the CEIR service in India.

What is the CEIR system?

CEIR stands for Central Equipment Identity Register. The CEIR system in India is an initiative undertaken by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, to combat mobile phone theft, cloning, and fraudulent activities related to mobile devices.

The CEIR system in India is designed to create a centralized database of mobile device identities, specifically the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. IMEI numbers are unique identifiers assigned to every mobile device, and they help in distinguishing one device from another.

The primary objective of the CEIR system in India is to curb the use of stolen or unauthorized mobile devices by blocking them from accessing the mobile network. It also aims to discourage the theft of mobile devices by making them less attractive to thieves.

Official Website: CEIR

How does the CEIR system work?

  1. Blocking Stolen or Lost Devices, If a mobile device is reported stolen or lost, the owner can lodge a complaint with the police and their respective mobile service provider. The service provider will then block the device’s IMEI number in the CEIR database, rendering the device useless on any mobile network in India.
  2. Sharing of Blocked IMEI Numbers, The CEIR system ensures that the blocked IMEI numbers are shared with all telecom service providers, making it difficult for thieves to use stolen devices by switching SIM cards or changing service providers.
  3. Tracking and Tracing, The CEIR system also assists law enforcement agencies in tracking and tracing stolen mobile devices. It helps identify the location and usage details of stolen devices if they are detected on the mobile network.
  4. Registration of Imported Mobile Devices, The CEIR system includes provisions for the registration of imported mobile devices that are not compliant with the Indian Standards (BIS certification). Non-compliant devices can be registered by paying applicable customs duty, ensuring better tracking and control over such devices.

How to request for blocking lost/stolen mobile?

Visit the CEIR official website ceir.gov.in to request for blocking lost/stolen mobile.

Click on the Red Buttton ‘Block Lost/Stolen Mobile’

Now you have a request form to block your lost/stolen mobile.

Feel the required information in this form and submit the application

How do requests for unblocking recovered/found mobile?

Visit the CEIR official website ceir.gov.in to un-blocking recovered/found mobile.

Click on the Green Button ‘Un-Block Found Mobile’

Feel the required information in this form and submit the application

Click on Get OTP and enter the OTP and click on Submit.

you can also check lost/stolen Mobile Request Status on the CEIR portal.

The government has developed a tracking system called the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) app to locate and block stolen or lost mobile phones. This app has been developed by the Department of Telecommunications. It will work in collaboration with mobile manufacturers and telecom companies. They already have a list of IMEI numbers. If someone changes their mobile phone or SIM card, the companies will be notified.

The government is launching this new tracking system on May 17, 2023.

The implementation of the CEIR system in India is a collaborative effort between the DoT, telecom service providers, and law enforcement agencies. It aims to enhance mobile device security, reduce mobile theft incidents, and protect consumers from mobile-related fraudulent activities.

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